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      Festival season is upon us. Saturday we popped down to the Surry Hills Festival for a quick Pimms and a dance in the sunshine. Next weekend we hear it's Newtown's turn to pump up the volume, and for the foodies among you this week is your last chance to taste the goodness of the Crave International Food Festival. Oh, and there's the Architecture Festival too, with its tours and free consultations from an architect on your own home. Even our Sunday morning stroll along the clifftops from Bondi to Bronte has gone all cultural with the arrival of Sculpture by the Sea. Our favourite pieces from this year's artists are pictured above. The Tluxe insider's tip? Get there early to avoid the crowds, breathe some of that fresh salt air, and finish up with breakfast in Bronte. Just another reason to love Sydney in the sunshine. Happy Monday!


      Must visit... The Treehotel

      If, like us, a trip to Northern Sweden’s amazing Treehotel is a little too far afield for the moment, we’re happy to hear that now you can make your own version of one of the hotel’s uniquely designed rooms, thanks to the wonders of flat pack.

      Created exclusively for the hotel by architects Tham & Videgård Arkitekter, the Mirrorcube (pictured above) is a cosy space for two people, which as the name suggests, is covered entirely in mirrors, to reflect the room’s surroundings. In the forests of Northern Sweden, where the original cube is located as part of the six rooms that make up the hotel, this means the serenity of pine-scented treetops. Transport the idea here to Australia, and we’re thinking secluded beachfront, semi-tropical forest, or native bushland – anywhere with plenty of shade or a cool sea breeze. Dream on.