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      Tluxe Blog — Basic Elements

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      The insider... Tluxe summer inspiration

      The deliciously cooling afternoon thunderstorms we’ve been experiencing here in Sydney of late has called to mind a few of the inspirational images we put together for the current Tluxe summer collection (pictured above), Basic Elements.

      The deep, dark colours of the sea and sky when the heat of the day gives way to the rolling charcoal tones of an afternoon storm was our starting point for the season’s colour palette, shot through with accents of sunshine yellow - as you can see in our carefully engineered striped Suzanne C tee and Rebecca P maxi dress, and the moody sky print on our Isabel M and Vanessa B dresses. For more inspiration of the pictorial kind, we’d like to direct you to one of our favourite resources for beautiful imagery, We also love, and arts and crafts, among many, many others. Go ahead, take some time out this week, even if just for a few minutes and, delight your senses.

      We love... photographer Martyn Thompson

      Pick up any local interiors mag this month and it’s hard not to miss the news of New York-based Australian ex-pat Martyn Thompson’s debut book, Interiors. While we love the book - a tour of twenty years photographing the homes of well-known style luminaries including Calvin Klein creative director, Francisco Costa, and Italian jewellery designer Elsa Peretti - it’s Thompson’s personal work, which we find most inspiring – like his series, Trees, pictured above, which, he says focuses on “the emotional elements in environments”. Considering our theme for the Tluxe summer collection, Basic Elements, Martyn sounds like our kind of visionary.

      And while we’re on an interiors tip, look out for 70/80/90 Iconic Australian Homes the sequel to Karen McCartney’s fantastic 50/60/70 Australian Homes, out this month. Both books embrace the relaxed glamour of the Australian way of living, another theme close to our hearts. Enjoy.

      The insider... Tluxe summer inspiration

      We thought we'd share a few of the images that inspired us for our current Basic Elements summer collection. Right at the beginning of the season, before we even start thinking about the final designs, we put a few mood boards together that sum up our direction or overall feeling for the season, keeping to the core Tluxe philosophy of relaxed comfort, easy dressing and pared-back luxury. The above images are just one of our starting ideas for mood and colour.

      We love... Marc de Jong


      If you’re in Melbourne don’t miss artist Marc de Jong’s new exhibition Flock Work, which opened last week at Gould Galleries in South Yarra (until October 8). The science-meets-nature aesthetic of Marc’s show reminds us just a little of our own Basic Elements theme for the new Tluxe spring/summer 2012 collection.

      Marc’s lo-fi, pixelated depiction of volcanoes and climate change (pictured is his piece Lightening 3) reference recent current events, such as the Tokyo earth quakes, and aim to question our place in the universe. Serious, yes, but De Jong is not without a sense of humour. While his work hangs in major collections across the country, including The National Gallery of Australia, we love that his roots are based in illegal street art, where he spent many years tagging Melbourne’s laneways with anti-corporate takes on logos, turning Sportsgirl to Spoiltgirl, VISA into VICE, and bankcard to bankrupt. Smart, fun, and relevant. Sounds like our kind of man.