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      Tluxe Blog — best beaches

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      At home with Tluxe... the humble beach shack

      With the Easter holidays nearly upon us we're dreaming of escaping to a quiet, humble beach shack surrounded by a garden of tea-trees. Despite being an urban-dwelling nation the modernist-style beach houses that populate the small towns up and down the coast are steeped in nostalgia for many Australians. As author Tim Winton writes in his book, Land's Edge, "In my memory of childhood there is always the smell of bubbling tar, of Pinke Zinke, the briny smell of the sea. It is always summer and I am on Scarborough Beach, blinded by light... There is nowhere else I'd rather be, nothing else I would prefer to be doing."




      The insiders guide to… dream beaches


      A quick look at the names of the individual pieces in our new summer collection and you may or may not have noticed that this season we’ve been inspired by classic beaches from around the world. Malibu, La Croissette, St Malo…

      Yes we’re based in a country with some of the best coastline on the planet but it doesn’t stop us fantasizing about the beaches we’d love to go to in our dreams. It’s inspired many a water-cooler conversation this past few weeks, which we thought we’d share with you. So here we have it. Our top three best beaches we’ve ever been to:


      Perhentian Islands, South China Sea, Malaysia. ‘The beaches are magical but it’s more about the lack of people… and that you can see some pretty amazing turtles.’ Rebecca Powell, creative director.

      Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil. ‘Epic. I wish I was there now.’ Suzie Q, production manager extraordinaire.


      Whitehaven, Whitsundays, Australia. ‘I pretty much traveled the entire southern coastline of Europe only to discover that the best beaches were at home. Whitehaven was one of my first trips to a tropical beach.’ Verity Magdalino, digital editor.