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      Tluxe Blog — Bronte

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      Behind the scenes of the Tluxe campaign


      Annabella signals that she's ok, even while being eaten alive by mosquitos. 

      She wears the California silk top and Raffles cotton hareem trousers.



      Film director Imogen Prado shows Annabella how to walk the walk.



      The lovely Margaux Fraisse reveals there's more to her talents than photography and graphic design. 



      Our illustrious creative director takes cover from the midday sun. 

      By now most of you would’ve seen our debut film on our home page presenting the Tluxe Autumn/Winter 2012 collection, Perpetual Motion.

      Shot by director Imogen Prado with campaign stills by Margaux Fraisse, our mini-movie stars New Zealand model and self-confessed nature-girl, Annabella Barber. Above, we've included a few behind-the-scenes shots of our team hard at work in the mosquito-infested wilds of Bronte Gully, near Sydney's Bronte Beach.

      The initial concept for the film stems from an image of a white owl in mid-flight, which our creative director, Rebecca Powell came across while researching the inspiration for the new Autumn/Winter 2012 range. “When it came to shooting the film we liked the idea that the fluidity of the bird’s movement when captured in slow motion could be echoed in the flow a cape, one of our key pieces for Winter 2012,” explains Rebecca.

      “We built a simple narrative around the journey of a girl through nature, travelling from the forest to the ocean and being enchanted by the beauty she sees along the way. In the finale she swirls and disappears in a flurry of white feathers, which is a reference to the white owl but also symbolises purity and freedom. 

      “In ancient Celtic times a white owl was synonymous with a Goddess so the story could also be seen as the journey of a girl as she changes into a woman. In the end, it’s a celebration of the beauty of nature, which is reflected in the clothes by our use of natural fabrics, such as silk, wool, and organic cotton.”

      Let's go outside...

      Get out and about if you’re in Sydney this weekend and grab some fresh air, sunshine and a little artistic inspiration. If you fancy the beach, stroll along the cliff-tops from Bondi to Tamarama to experience Sculpture by the Sea (pictured directly above). Our advice? Get there early to avoid the crowds, take in the art, and finish up with a dip in the ocean, and breakfast in Bronte. Could there be a better way to start the day?

      If you’re more of a late riser, your other outdoor art option is the Outpost street art event that’s taken over Cockatoo Island. Not only is there some great works from both local and international artists, including some never-seen-before works by the famous Banksy, you get to enjoy the harbour views and even a cheeky cocktail or two as the sun sets, care of the island’s Ping Pong bar, which is open until 9pm Friday and 10pm Saturday. Don't you just love the sunshine of summer?