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      Tluxe Blog — Christmas

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      Soaking up summer




       In the mad rush before Christmas today we’re all about taking a little moment to enjoy all the Australian summer has to offer.  Even if it just means soaking up the warmth of these images taken at Sydney's Ryde swimming pool by photographer, Ingeborg Tyssen who spent a good deal of her early career documenting the suburbs of ‘70s Australia. You can see more of her work if you’re in Melbourne over the Christmas break, at the Monash Gallery of Art


      Wishing you a laid-back Christmas

      Here’s wishing every one of you a relaxed and laid-back Christmas. Our top tip for surviving the mayhem is: keep it simple. We’re talking beachcombing for Christmas decorations, a bbq and a few icey cocktails for lunch, and a lazy summer afternoon, kicking back under the shade of a beach umbrella with a dip in the ocean - or your neighbour’s backyard pool - if you feel so inclined (and the weather finally clears, which we're assured it will on Christmas day). Ahh, Sydney in the summer. What’s not to love?