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      CO Leadership Award Winners: TLUXE

      CO Leadership Award Winner

      CO Leadership Awards

      We are proud to announce that we have been honoured with a 2019 CO Leadership Award for Sustainable Fashion. As a long-term member of Common Objective, we strongly identify with the need to support and encourage sustainable fashion, a practice that we have been promoting for over 12 years.


      The inaugural CO Leadership Awards launched in October 2018 to put the spotlight on businesses that are changing the way fashion is done - for the better.  Over 700 inspirational businesses applied, from every part of the fashion industry supply chain, and all over the world. 


      The goals for the awards are aligned with the mission of Common Objective. They want to support and incentivise any business, anywhere, to start to operate more sustainably. And they want to put the spotlight on best practice, inspiring and motivating others to follow suit. 


      What leadership means for CO 


      Sustainability in fashion business is complex. Combining sustainability with commercial goals, in an intensely competitive environment, even more so. CO recognises that sustainability is a journey, and it may not be possible to tick all the boxes, all at once. 


      For CO, leadership does not mean that a business is doing it all. It means using business to boldly address the greatest challenges of our time - and doing so with creativity and flair. That’s why the profiles of CO leaders are so diverse - leadership is just as relevant in a small, pioneering brand, as it is in a global supply chain giant, or an artisanal network. 


      Why this years winners won


      This year's CO winners have the potential to access some pretty awesome benefits, as the CO platform grows and they bask in the spotlight.


      The base requirement for eligibility for the awards was a completed business profile on CO. By putting the spotlight on businesses that haven’t taken the time to do this - they lose out, and so do their potential buyers. If buyers have a great sourcing experience on CO, then they will keep coming back - everybody wins.


      Visit the CO Leaders Showcase

      CO Leadership Award Winner