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      We all love the idea of ethical and sustainable fashion. We’re living in an age where awareness of the environmental challenges facing us is growing and it’s natural that we all start to evaluate how we can make a difference through our lifestyle choices. But what does ethical and sustainable fashion really mean and how can we play a part?  I know when I started working here at Tluxe I considered myself environmentally aware, I eat organic food, recycle and compost and take cloth bags when I do my shopping (most of the time!) but did I have any idea about the fabrics I was wearing, how they were produced or where they came from? Shamefully no, but that has changed.


      To give you an idea of what we’re dealing with, the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world!! It’s a combination of a few factors; the chemicals used in the production of fabric, the carbon emissions from manufacturing and the fact that the garments produced are often low quality with short life cycles, encouraging ongoing consumption. And it’s not just the synthetic plastic based fabrics that are the culprit (think polyester, nylon and acrylic, you know the materials that keep you hot and sweaty and sometimes itchy). Cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops in the world. The pesticides used have a huge environmental impact and we’re learning more about the dangers. Another major concern is that workers in the industry are often exploited. Think of all the controversy that has plagued Nike and for good reason. Fast convenient and (sometimes) cheap fashion has a cost, the environment suffers and workers suffer.


      Sustainable & Ethical fashion is about making a choice to buy garments whose production has a smaller environmental footprint, while making sure that all workers throughout the entire production process are treated fairly.



      How do you make sustainable, ethical fashion choices?

      1) Learn about fabrics and chose wisely, we love the sustainability in styles article on fabrics . The fabric you chose will determine it’s longevity, and ecological foot print. Always look for natural fibers or semi synthetic.

      2) Care for your garments, see them as your long term friends, the more you care for them the longer they’ll stick around! We’ll be doing a blog on this soon.

      3) Buy Australian made where possible (everything at Tluxe is made in Australia) and research/enquire with brands about where their clothing is made.

      Remember it’s about small changes, cultivating an awareness and staying curious about your options. As the consumer you hold great power. Spend your money on options that align with your values and you’ll feel better inside and out.  

      Viv xx


      Secret Sydney...





      There's more to Sydney than Bondi and the Harbour Bridge and today we'd like to share with you one of our favourite harbourside hideaways, Wendy Whiteley's garden. It's amazing on many levels: the water views, made famous by Wendy's late husband, Brett Whiteley's paintings; the sculptures dotted along the winding, leafy pathways; and the fact that Wendy has created this paradise herself, with a little help from a few volunteers and gardeners, on disused railway land, simply because she was tired of overlooking the weeds and rubbish, which formerly littered the site (her house is on the hill above the park, the one with the turret). And yes, it's still owned by the railway, and after many years, Wendy can still be seen working in the garden, which she admits has become a sort of obsession. To discover this magic little hideaway for yourself, simply follow the footpath from Luna Park in North Sydney, along the harbour to Lavendar Bay and turn right. And don't forget to take a picnic basket. Enjoy.

      Soundtrack to the week...


      Today we're enjoying the cool after a hot and steamy Sydney weekend. We're wearing one of our super fine organic cotton Portofino T-shirts with a pair of Palm print silk trousers while mostly listening to the dulcet tones of Terry Callier, which is sitting so well with the laid-back summer vibe we're feeling at the moment we're making his classic 1972 album, What Colour is Love, our soundtrack to the week. Enjoy.

      Palm Monday


      Tluxe Palm Print spring/summer 2012


      La Croisette early 1900s


      Leonard spring/summer 2013


      Beverly Hills 1940s


      Hermes spring/summer 2013 


      Waikiki 1940s



      Osklen spring/summer 2013


      Today we’re feeling the love for our palm print, designed and printed right here in Sydney. A unique digital take on the trees that line many of our streets and local beaches here in Australia, when we think of palm trees we’re instantly transported to endless summer holidays spent lazing by the ocean and sipping cocktails as the sun goes down.

      That holiday feeling inspired by palm-tree lined promenades from La Croisette on the French Riveria to Beverley Hills and Waikiki has a long history, as you can see from our vintage postcard finds above.

      It also has a bright future with palms being the inspiration du jour for many of the prints gracing the spring/summer 2013 catwalks. To capture a little of that holiday spirit now and stay ahead of the fashion curve, dive into the Tluxe selection of palm print; silk T-shirts, dresses, shirts and super chic trousers. It's a sure fire way to instantly pep up your look and provide a hit of seaside glamour whether your heading to the office or hitting the pool.


      High summer colour inspiration






      Today we're excited to announce that our new colours for high summer have just landed on the site! Inspired by the cobalt blue, gunmetal grey and flame orange tones of beachside sunsets, and, for those of you who prefer the tranquility of early morning, we’ve included some inspirational images of Bondi beach at sunrise, with thanks to photographer Eugene Tan.