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      Inspire me... Art Month Sydney



      As the first days of autumn roll in we're feeling the culture today at Tluxe HQ, and what better way to spend a rainy weekend like the one we've just experienced here in Sydney, than traipsing around the art galleries for a little inspiration. This week heralds the start of Art Month, and personally we're loving the after hours gallery openings, which usually involve a cocktail or two alongside your culture. 

      This week the galleries of Paddington and Woollahra open up Thursday, March 7 as part of a series of 'Precinct Nights', followed by art spaces in Waterloo and Alexandria on Friday, March 8. We're loving Helen Mueller's hand cut woodblock prints of a melaleuca forest at the Brenda May gallery, pictured, and Caroline Rothwell's images of endangered Australian animals made from the black carbon residue collected from exhaust pipes.

      A little autumn inspiration...


      We thought we’d share a few images that inspired us for our current autumn/winter collection, Perpetual Motion. This is just one of the mood boards, which we put together right at the concept stage of design when we’re thinking about colour, and how the tones we find in art, nature, and just about anything we see around us, might influence our final designs. Above we have an image of the perpetual motion of nature in the form of flowing lava; a dark, meditative drawing by one of our favourite artists, Anish Kapoor; and a painting by Jennis Li Cheng from her aptly titled, Have a Nice Day series. Enjoy.


      We love... White Rabbit

      Great name. Great space. Great work. One of the most inspiring places we’ve discovered in Sydney is the Neilson family's White Rabbit gallery, hidden in the back streets near Central Station. Part pop, part political statement and a whole lot of wow, the evolving collection of Chinese contemporary art features turn of the 21st century works with a focus on jaw-dropping detail.

      On our first visit we were blown away by miniature hand-painted illustrations on small antique bottles - painted from the inside of the bottle (with a bent bamboo brush in case you were wondering).

      Then there was artist Gao Rong's reproduction of the doorway to her flat (pictured above), complete with stained concrete and drainpipes, which on closer inspection revealed everything to be made of fabric with intricately embroidered details. This kind of look-and-look again aesthetic, combined with the usually quite amazing personal stories behind every artist makes White Rabbit an inspirational destination of international quality. Get to it.