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      Tluxe Blog — interior

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      At home with Tluxe... the humble beach shack

      With the Easter holidays nearly upon us we're dreaming of escaping to a quiet, humble beach shack surrounded by a garden of tea-trees. Despite being an urban-dwelling nation the modernist-style beach houses that populate the small towns up and down the coast are steeped in nostalgia for many Australians. As author Tim Winton writes in his book, Land's Edge, "In my memory of childhood there is always the smell of bubbling tar, of Pinke Zinke, the briny smell of the sea. It is always summer and I am on Scarborough Beach, blinded by light... There is nowhere else I'd rather be, nothing else I would prefer to be doing."




      We love... Hinky Dinks

      The latest, most talked-about bar in Sydney, says a lot about the city’s love of retro Americana style, and yes, we too are loving the vibe down at Hinky Dinks in Darlinghurst, a diner named after an infamous Chicago alderman who ran a colourful saloon in the 1920s, which fed local misfits. While the interior – all formica benchtops, ketchup red tiles, and chequerboard floors – is more designer chic than retro kitsch, thanks to the quality of the fit-out care of Sydney architects, Luchetti Krelle, it’s the food by the chef at one of our favourite Darlinghurst eateries, Onde, and especially the cocktails, which will keep us coming back long after the initial hype of new-bar-on-the-block subsides. We’re thinking Hinky’s homemade strawberry prosecco sorbet may just be our drink, sorry dessert, of the summer.