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      Last chance to see... The Clock


      If you do one thing this week make sure you get down to the MCA in Sydney to see Christian Marclay's mind-blowing film, The Clock, which has its final showing on Sunday (June 3). We popped in one lunch hour and found ourselves completely drawn in by it's slightly addicitve nature. Edits from movies new and old have been spliced together in a 24 hour epic that's synched to show the exact time of day that you're watching the film. 

      On our visit film stars were sitting down to eat lunch, clocks in town squares were ringing out 12 noon, and as we were leaving, Steve McQueen glanced down at his wrist watch, which read 12.25, as did our own. As we said, it's slightly mind-blowing stuff. And, this Thursday it plays for the full 24 hours so you can drop in and see what happens after dark. Genius.

      The insider... Tluxe summer inspiration

      The deliciously cooling afternoon thunderstorms we’ve been experiencing here in Sydney of late has called to mind a few of the inspirational images we put together for the current Tluxe summer collection (pictured above), Basic Elements.

      The deep, dark colours of the sea and sky when the heat of the day gives way to the rolling charcoal tones of an afternoon storm was our starting point for the season’s colour palette, shot through with accents of sunshine yellow - as you can see in our carefully engineered striped Suzanne C tee and Rebecca P maxi dress, and the moody sky print on our Isabel M and Vanessa B dresses. For more inspiration of the pictorial kind, we’d like to direct you to one of our favourite resources for beautiful imagery, We also love, and arts and crafts, among many, many others. Go ahead, take some time out this week, even if just for a few minutes and, delight your senses.

      Read it now... India Flint's Second Skin

      India Flint describes herself as an artisan and writer. Her inventive experiments with ecologically sustainable plant dyes made mostly from eucalyptus leaves have gained her worldwide attention, from European art galleries to legendary trend forecaster Li Edelkoort’s magazine, Bloom

      Her new book, Second Skin is a must read for anyone interested in leading a simpler, more conscious life using fewer resources, specifically when it comes to clothing. Being a designer, India’s book is not only full of useful information it’s inspirational and beautiful to look at too, with photographs and illustrations by the author. What a talent.