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      Tluxe Blog — Jack White

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      A few of our favourite things...

      As the days grow cooler we're swapping beach time for a little culture. Right now you will mostly find us:

      Listening to: The new Jack White album. Out last week and already album of the week in the Tluxe studio.


      Looking at: The Daily Nice. Pictures that make you smile care of photographer Jason Evans.


      Visiting: The new and improved Museum of Contemporary Art on a Thursday night. It’s free. It’s inspiring. You can eat dinner upstairs with a view of Sydney harbour. What’s not to love?


      Reading: The School of Life’s books for modern living. They’re not out until next week but we’ve got them on pre-order. With titles like How to Change the World, How to Thrive in the Digital Age, and most importantly, How to Stay Sane, we’ll want the whole series. And the cover artwork isn't bad either.