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      Tluxe Blog — merino wool

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      The insider... why Tluxe is good for you

      At Tluxe we try our hardest to really think about the impact our clothes have on the planet, and ultimately on you. Where we can, we use sustainable fabrics such as bamboo, Tencel, organic cotton, and natural fibres such as silk, linen, cashmere and Merino wool. We also make sure the fabrics are of the best quality, so yes, that may mean they’re slightly pricier but it also means they’ll last you beyond one season, and definitely beyond a few washes.

      We have all our products made locally here in Australia including our labels and swing tags. Less air miles in the production process means less pollution, we use less energy and as a result leave less of a carbon footprint. Keeping it local also means the people who make our clothes get fair pay and working conditions.

      If you’re keen on ethical fashion but aren’t sure where to find it take a look at our friend Matthew Paroz’s How Big is Your Eco fashion directory. A guide to all things fashionable and earth-friendly, Matt suggests a few ways to eco-fy your wardrobe, starting with the life of a garment. “Look for pieces that are well made and will still look great in years to come,” Matt tells us. “Know that organic cotton is better than standard cotton, but that cotton is a very water-intensive fabric. Educate and inform yourself.” Listen and learn.  

      Image: With thanks to James Brown.

      Inspire me… the art of layering

      Hello and welcome to the Tluxe blog. This week, as winter really starts to kick in we’re obsessing over the art of layering. Our secret to avoiding the bulky look of winter and keeping warm and comfortable while looking svelte is to layer up your lightweight fabrics, such as organic cotton and superfine merino wool.

      Our favourite looks right now (pictured above left-to-right) are; the luxury fleece Fatima Blush hooded poncho layered over a long sleeve organic cotton Ling T-shirt, worn with our Paris Carver pencil skirt in sustainable bamboo elastane; and for a cosy Sunday stroll to the local café, grab our Mayday T-shirt, Kimberly Jones hooded cardy, and a pair of our luxury cotton, wool and lycra Inga Begrstrom trousers.

      For some expert tips on how to layer in style visit our friends over at Harper’s Bazaar. 



      Hot off the press

      We’re not the only ones in love with the casual, slouchy appeal of our Inga Bergstrom trousers. Seen here in Shop Til You Drop magazine, the sustainable credentials of our luxury jersey clothing, proudly produced here in Australia in collaboration with local makers, is quietly making waves in the national press. 

       Also pictured is our favourite racer-back tank. Layer it up now with some of our superfine organic cotton T-shirts and cosy, long, merino wool cardigans for the ultimate in luxury winter loungewear.