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      Tluxe Blog — new styles

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      “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself”
      -Coco Chanel

      We can’t get enough of all the gorgeous Australian women out there representing our brand and are so proud to have them wearing our ethically Australian-made clothing. What sets these women apart is their strength, integrity, and the ability to be comfortable in their own style. They are supermums, career women, jet-setters and social butterflies. These are women that understand the importance of elegance, ignoring mainstream trends and confidently defining their own sense of classic and wearable luxury style.

      Here at Tluxe we all live and breathe the brand – we are designed by women, for women, with the value of ensuring that we put people and the planet first. Feel the quality, the comfort, and most importantly the pride in knowing that your purchase is contributing to the success of local business, and the promotion of ethical fair trade manufacturing. Because Tluxe is more than just beautiful garments, it’s a brand representing the desire to inject a little more love into the world and a lot less waste.

      Thanks, Cate Blanchett, Miranda Kerr, Delta Goodrem and Jen Hawkins for being a fan of our brand.

      Don’t forget to check out our range available online and grab yourself our signature Perfect tee– an unmissable wardrobe staple our Tluxe women can’t live without!





      Soundtrack to the week...


      Today we're enjoying the cool after a hot and steamy Sydney weekend. We're wearing one of our super fine organic cotton Portofino T-shirts with a pair of Palm print silk trousers while mostly listening to the dulcet tones of Terry Callier, which is sitting so well with the laid-back summer vibe we're feeling at the moment we're making his classic 1972 album, What Colour is Love, our soundtrack to the week. Enjoy.


      Welcome to our new look website! We’re hoping you love our new streamlined, zoom-enhanced digital home as much as we do. Our aim is to not only inspire and inform you on all things we love here at Tluxe - from the joy of luxury basics and how to style them, to tips on how to improve your eco fashion cred - but to offer a great new, easier way of shopping too. Any comments at all, please do get in touch. We’d love to hear from you. And if you'd like regular updates on all things Tluxe, from our sample sales to the arrival of new styles, sign up for our news alerts here. And have a great weekend!