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      Tluxe Blog — yasmin sewell

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      Layering masterclass 2.0

      One of the standout trends for this summer’s resort 2012 collections is the triple-layered look. Pick up a pair of trousers, throw a tunic or dress over the top and finish with a shirt or jacket et voila! You’re right on trend for the new-tiered silhouette.

      The secret to layering in style is to keep the look sleek with fine knits and a belt, and think contrasts: short sleeves, such as a cropped jacket over something long, like a Tluxe organic cotton Ling T-shirt; mix up your lengths, fabrics and accessories but keep them all in different tones of the same colour; or take a tip from style mavens like our very own Yasmin Sewell (pictured above), the former creative consultant for Liberty and all-round layering maestro.

      We love Yasmin’s way with a dress over trousers, and doubling up two dresses in one outfit.  Layering is still one of the easiest and most impressive sartorial tricks to have up your sleeve. And it's a great way to wear a new summer dress before the full heat of summer hits. So get to it.