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    AW '17 

    Summer '16 - Shibumi

    Shibumi is one the Japanese terms used to describe a particular aesthetic of subtle, and unobtrusive beauty. It is a type of refined design that comes effortlessly and naturally or not at all. Shibumi is an ideal of this. The refinement of Shibumi comes as a result of a complex process, the complexity of which there is no evidence of in the final product.
    The seven key principles of Shibui design are austerity, simplicity, naturalness, subtlety, imperfection/asymmetry, break from routine and tranquility. 
    It is a concept that suggests complete harmony, tranquility, and balance. It is to pass through knowledge but to arrive at simplicity, it is an eloquent silence in passive tranquility, an undescribable understanding as opposed to having knowledge. It implies an attitude of refinement without pretension, honesty without apology, beauty without artifice. It implies creative restraint. It is being without the thought of becoming. 



     Winter '16 - Urban Wanderer