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    Tluxe Natural Living


     At Tluxe, we pride ourselves on being transparent in supporting a sustainable supply chain. From field to market we track our product, selecting natural fabrics such as bamboo, silk, merino wool, cashmere and Certified Organic cotton Tluxe garments are locally designed and produced, giving you peace of mind that you are supporting ethical practice.


    • Sustainability : Tluxe was one of the first 500 members of the Ethical Fashion Forum, an industry body for sustainable fashion, now with over 6000 members in more than 100 countries. In 2012, Tluxe was finalist for leading international award " The Source Awards"
    • Made Locally : Tluxe garments are designed and produced in Sydney, with manufacturers who adhere to Ethical Clothing Australia employment standards.
    • Timeless designs : Tluxe believes that fashion and longevity should go hand in hand. We approach design with the idea that garments should remain functional within a wardrobe - being "fashion forward" without following trends.
    • Quality garments : Quality fabric is the basis of a great garment, we source only the finest fabrics and our garments are designed to stand the test of time  They will  become your ultimate easy to wear, easy to care for go to pieces.
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