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    Tluxe Blog




    The top 5 tips to become ECO friendly with your laundry

    1) Cold washing  

    It’s a myth that clothes don’t get clean on a cold wash, if you’re worried about getting out stains you can pre-soak with baking soda in cold water for an hour.


    2) Wash your clothes less often

    Did you know that 25% of fashions carbon footprint comes from washing the clothes we have.My rule, if it doesn’t smell and isn’t stained it doesn’t need to be washed! 


    3) Use Eco friendly detergent

    We are spoiled for choice these days with Eco friendly options. When you wash with standard detergents the chemicals will remain on the clothing and can be absorbed into your skin as well as being washed into the ocean. I’ve used a range of natural based laundry detergents and have not have not noticed a difference if the quality of the wash. We recommend Tangent garment care, which we sell on our website here.


    4)  Line drying

    I hope most people are doing this as a default but when busy it can be tempting to choose the quick option but line drying helps save energy and helps keep your clothing wearable for longer.


     5) Buy a Cora Ball

    They stop microfibers from being washed into our waterways and oceans.

    “Every time we do laundry, our clothes shed tiny microfibers (including      plastic), which go down the drains of our washing machines, through wastewater treatment facilities and into our waterways.

    Everyone who wears and washes clothes is part of this pollution. Everyone who eats or breathes could suffer the consequences" Learn more about the problem of microfiber pollution here

    The Cora Balls are still in production but hopefully available before Christmas, a perfect stocking stuffer for your eco friendly friends and family!


    So there you go, being eco- friendly in the laundry can be really easy. It starts with awareness followed by some very small action steps.


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    We all love the idea of ethical and sustainable fashion. We’re living in an age where awareness of the environmental challenges facing us is growing and it’s natural that we all start to evaluate how we can make a difference through our lifestyle choices. But what does ethical and sustainable fashion really mean and how can we play a part?  I know when I started working here at Tluxe I considered myself environmentally aware, I eat organic food, recycle and compost and take cloth bags when I do my shopping (most of the time!) but did I have any idea about the fabrics I was wearing, how they were produced or where they came from? Shamefully no, but that has changed.


    To give you an idea of what we’re dealing with, the clothing industry is the second largest polluter in the world!! It’s a combination of a few factors; the chemicals used in the production of fabric, the carbon emissions from manufacturing and the fact that the garments produced are often low quality with short life cycles, encouraging ongoing consumption. And it’s not just the synthetic plastic based fabrics that are the culprit (think polyester, nylon and acrylic, you know the materials that keep you hot and sweaty and sometimes itchy). Cotton is one of the most highly sprayed crops in the world. The pesticides used have a huge environmental impact and we’re learning more about the dangers. Another major concern is that workers in the industry are often exploited. Think of all the controversy that has plagued Nike and for good reason. Fast convenient and (sometimes) cheap fashion has a cost, the environment suffers and workers suffer.


    Sustainable & Ethical fashion is about making a choice to buy garments whose production has a smaller environmental footprint, while making sure that all workers throughout the entire production process are treated fairly.



    How do you make sustainable, ethical fashion choices?

    1) Learn about fabrics and chose wisely, we love the sustainability in styles article on fabrics . The fabric you chose will determine it’s longevity, and ecological foot print. Always look for natural fibers or semi synthetic.

    2) Care for your garments, see them as your long term friends, the more you care for them the longer they’ll stick around! We’ll be doing a blog on this soon.

    3) Buy Australian made where possible (everything at Tluxe is made in Australia) and research/enquire with brands about where their clothing is made.

    Remember it’s about small changes, cultivating an awareness and staying curious about your options. As the consumer you hold great power. Spend your money on options that align with your values and you’ll feel better inside and out.  

    Viv xx



    “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”
    -Coco Chanel

    TENCEL is a gorgeous fabric that represents the incredible modern developments of environmentally sustainable textiles and the driving consumer desire for eco-friendly fashion. It combines all the breathability and comfort of natural fibres, with the heightened strength and quick-drying nature of man-made fabrics. The look is luxurious and refined, with a natural fluid drape.

    Made with wood pulp from sustainable tree farms, this yarn is created with an amine oxide solvent that is non-toxic and recycled during the production cycle. The end result is a fabric that is fully 100% biodegradable. Everything we wished for!

    TENCEL offers the advantages of high colour retention, natural breathability and advanced moisture absorption (perfect for people with sensitive skin!), anti-bacterial properties, delicate drape, and a lightweight texture that is resistant to wrinkles (a travellers dream!).

    Example of the smooth fibre structure of Tencel. 

    We love this eco-friendly fabric, and that it makes a generous appearance in each and every one of our collections. Make sure you get your hands on some of our Tluxe TENCEL pieces this season to add lifelong classic basics to your wardrobe. Winter 2015 introduces some new longer length styles, along with our beloved essentials like The Poncho top and The Cocoon top – absolute must-have pieces for any Tluxe lover.


    TENCEL is the trade name for the generic fibre Lyocell. To qualify for this elite branding the lyocell is obtained from traceable and sustainable wood pulp which is farms certified by the Forest Stewardship Council – FSC. It is created using only non-toxic organic solvent that has been recovered and reused to a 99.5% efficiency rate.

     Tluxe uses only certified Tencel in our collections. Look for this label on all our garments to be assured that you are purchasing the highest quality fabric available, and supporting our continued quest for environmentally sustainable fashion.



    “Let us love winter, for it is the spring of genius”
    -Pietro Aretino

    The days are getting shorter and while winter seems far on the distant horizon, spring is ready to start injecting excitement into our wardrobes! Now is the time to effortlessly transcend into winter with the Tluxe AW2015 range, and with 5 of our must-have essentials you can’t go wrong this season.

    Silk shirt-dress, Printed maxi skirt, Bright shift dress, Denim shirt, Ponte pencil skirt.


    Inspired from the cool mountain ranges of south Australia, this season it’s all about textured layers and effortless style. Featuring a colour palette of dark moody teals and greys, our signature mystical forest print, and playful highlights of true red and kelly green, this collection boasts something for everyone. Wrap yourself up in cool natural cottons and delicate tencel, the perfect piece for any climate, and don’t forget to spoil yourself with some of our superior fine merino, for that real genuine rugged-up winter feel.


    As always we are committed to the use of superior quality fabrics and sustainable, ethical production practices. This season is no exception, and we here at Tluxe pride ourselves on our ethos to stay true to supporting local Australian manufacturing, and reducing our carbon imprint on the environment. Be a part of our contribution to a cleaner future; Shop local, buy sustainable, support independent.


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